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I hope you didn't come to this page expecting a list of model numbers, pictures, and prices. That’s a clear indication of production manufactured furniture, not custom furniture and cabinetry. I must confess my interest would wane if I worked in a mass production shop, but I enjoy building one-of-a-kind pieces that meet specific needs for specific customers.

As most builders would agree, I don’t know of any custom woodworker who can make an identical piece of furniture for less than one can buy it in a store. When I started building furniture and cabinets, I thought I could. Looking at the price tag at in an Ethan Allen catalog, I really thought I could make it for less, but I was wrong. Because production furniture companies start with an existing design and sometimes use inferior materials which can be bought and manufactured in bulk, production/store-bought furniture is almost always less expensive than a similar custom-built piece. Therefore, I can honestly say if you can find exactly what you are looking for in a store, buy it and consider yourself lucky!

The first thing to do when considering a custom piece is to familiarize yourself with the wealth of styles and designs that are out there. If you have a strong idea of what you like, then we are ready to begin designing. If you are not sure, then we can either get together and discuss different styles and I can provide sketches, photos, and drawings, or you could look to some good periodicals of furniture and architectural design. An Architectural Digest magazine, for instance, or fine furniture catalogs can give you some great ideas. I urge my clients to broaden the scope of what they might consider at first in order to come up with something truly unique. A custom piece will last for generations and become a treasured family heirloom. It should be unique.

I only use quality woods, glues, hardware, and other materials. To do otherwise would do you and myself a disservice. Thus, I cannot be convinced to cut corners in this area to lessen pricing. My pieces are my hallmark and reputation. Word-of-mouth is my advertising and marketing. You have come here because a friend told you about me, or you saw something I made and perhaps felt I could help you in designing and creating something equally beautiful and unusual. I can and I want to.

My workshop is located in San Antonio, Texas. When you are ready, please feel free to email me or telephone me personally. Evenings are best. I'd love to talk with you about custom furniture or cabinets for your home or office. Believe it or not, I still get excited every time I begin designing a new piece.

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