Since 1985

Many "high end" furniture stores sell manufactured furniture which is initially pleasing to look at but poorly constructed. Therein lies the success of some expensive production furniture lines, stores, and manufacturers. Unfortunately, with average household usage and normal circumstances, many expensive pieces will begin to show cracking, creaking, loose joints, and failure at crucial structural joints. While many customers are satisfied to find a piece that looks beautiful and feels comfortable, informed clients are concerned with the craftsmanship, construction and durability of a piece of furniture. I learned a lot working at a furniture store in my teens. My manager told me to teach customers this important adage: “Only the rich can afford to buy cheap furniture.” Translation: Buying quality furniture and cabinetry that will last is ultimately more economical and frugal than spending less and then replacing it when it fails. Though I use power tools, state-of-the-art equipment and modern woodworking techniques, I build furniture and cabinetry that will last a lifetime, and will quite possibly be around for future generations to enjoy. In short, I build them like they used to.

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